Home For Christmas?

For many of us, having a roof over our head and food in the fridge is a given. For too many, Christmas this year will be spent in a doorway or on a bench in the cold. Thankfully, there are still places where shelter can be found, and in Wolverhampton we’re lucky to have ‘just enough’ accommodation to ensure that when temperatures reach critical levels, no-one has to spend a night outdoors.

This is largely thanks to voluntary services like the Church Shelter at Broad Street and the Good Shepherd Ministry so this year we decided to extend our support outside of our Social Housing contracts, to some of these organisations too.

So, we made up bundles of hat, scarf and gloves as presents for the shelter, to let people staying there know that someone is thinking about them. It’s a very small thing, but the time we spent putting this together gave us more pleasure than any gift we may receive this year.

We’re also donating to the Good Shepherd to help fund their meal service which runs throughout the year.

Both organisations have laundry equipment, so we’ve offered to take over the maintenance of these appliances for them. This will enable them to use their scarce funds for the things that their users need. Again, a small act which hopefully will have a positive impact on an overstretched service.

City Of Wolverhampton Logo 2 Purple

The City Of Wolverhampton has a new logo and a new image. It’s also embracing the concept of Togetherness. Our hope for 2019 is that Wolverhampton businesses large and small will take this message out into our communities and create something wonderful. Because whomever we are and whatever our background, we’re better when we’re Together.

Have a peaceful Christmas and a hopeful New Year from everyone at Multibrand.