Touch Technology is not just for Millennials…

Touch Technology is not just for Millennials… a blog by Multibrand ProfessionalTechnology has evolved at such a break-neck pace in recent years. It seems like yesterday we were using our mobile phones to, ahem, make calls. Even maybe send the odd text. Now we’re watching The Crown via Netflix, listening to a brand new album on Spotify or using the Sounds app to download and enjoy a 13 part Podcast from BBC World Service. We’re staying in touch with our nearest and dearest on Skype, our business colleagues on Zoom and Teams and our kids on WhatsApp.

Oh, and we even make the odd call too. All on a device which slots neatly into our back pocket. And all of this is done without a button in sight.

Touch Technology has exploded through our everyday lives and we’re now becoming accustomed to tapping and swiping where we used to point and click. From your iPad to your SatNav control in the car, it’s everywhere. And it’s surprisingly intuitive.

So it was inevitable that this way of operating controls was destined to make it into our kitchen equipment. And it’s arrived in our commercial laundry appliances too.

Miele’s latest generation of Little Giants has embraced Touch Technology in both the Performance and Performance Plus ranges bringing easy-to-use controls to every sector.

But this is not just technology for technology’s sake. The new stainless steel and glass control panels are smooth and easy to keep hygienically clean. The displays easily swipe across giving much simpler access to programmes not visible on the home screen. And the Performance range effortlessly marries a large ergonomically designed control knob with a touch screen, meaning that whatever physical limitations users have, programmes can still be accessed with ease. It’s just another reason why Miele is the go-to brand in the Independent Living sector.

Neither has the range been aimed at the younger user. Recent research suggests that it’s the 60-80 year old age group where the uptake of Touch Technology is experiencing the greatest growth and with increased use of tablet pcs in Care Homes to enable residents to stay in touch with their families during the recent Coronavirus pandemic, it’s easy to see why.

All this said, people can still be anxious about using Touch Technology but there’s help at hand here too. Book a visit through us to the Miele Experience Centre and let us show you how Miele’s Little Giants are once again building a solid foundation on which to site your laundry operation, whether your customers are young or just young-at-heart.