Slimline Tonic? Or a New Be’gin’ning?

Winston Churchill once said, “The gin and tonic has saved more Englishmen’s lives, and minds, than all the doctors in the Empire.”

Miele Professional Tumble DryerOK, he was referring to the quinine element of the tonic preventing soldiers falling to malaria, (mosquitos apparently don’t like the taste) and I’m not sure if the much celebrated war-time British PM preferred his mixer ‘full fat’. Either way, one particular Slimline has certainly proved to be a real Tonic for the Troops at a Care Home in Wolverhampton.

It’s not every day that you can say, “That’s a First!”, but last week, when one of our customers needed to replace their old gas dryer, we bagged the very first one of a brand new range which had only just arrived at Miele’s head office in Abingdon.

Working closeley with Miele, the 16kg PDR 516 G Slimline model was delivered, installed, gas-certified and put into operation all on the same day and that staff (who had been struggling with just one dryer for a long time) are, to use their words, “absolutely delighted!”.

This latest dryer from Miele joins their flagship Benchmark range and features an all-new controller, super-engonomic loading and unloading and a fully stainless steel drum.

The new PDR 516 Slimlines are dimensionally identical to their predecessor PT 8303s, and are designed to fit through a standard doorway, providing large drying capacity without having to alter the fabric of a building to allow installation.

They’re available in either 3 phase electric or gas variants and you can choose from two cabinet finishes, so there’s bound to be a Slimline to suit your needs.

Pondering if  this may be the solution for you? You can find more information about the new PDR 516 range by clicking here or by giving us a call on 01902 625490 and speaking to one of the team.

We’re ‘Schweppt’ away by them – we think you’ll be too.