Miele’s All-New MasterLine Freshwater Dishwashers: Load. Close. Relax.

The latest range of Miele’s commercial freshwater dishwashers landed in the UK a couple of months ago. They’ve been designed from the ground up to excel in terms of sustainability, time management, energy efficiency and performance, all achieved alongside Miele’s renowned reliability. Let’s take a look at the PFD 40* range, now available at Multibrand Professional.

First, Fastest (and Best) in Class.

Did you know that Miele was the first company to develop and launch a Freshwater Dishwasher? Traditionally, many organisations have employed ‘tank’ style dishwashers because of their short cycle times. All that changes with Miele MasterLine; their Super Short programme takes just 5 minutes! When you consider that there’s no preparation or rack-drying required afterwards, it’s easy to see why Freshwater is fast becoming the better option.

Designed For Everyone.

New Miele MasterLine includes models to suit every conceivable environment. From general needs use in schools and bakeries through hotels and restaurants demanding brilliant results to fully hospital specified Hygiene models (404 Hygiene and 405 HygieneAir). Wherever you are, there’s a Masterline model for you.

Easy to Live With, Easy to Operate.

Each one has an easy-clean intuitive touch/swipe control panel, on-board chemical dosing and flexible racking. Some models now feature Miele’s Innovative Dry+ technology which ensures fantastic drying results without extending cycle times.

The range is made up of:

iele Masterline PFD 404 Hygiene Freshwater Dishwasher Available From Multibrand Professional

PFD 400 Speed – The most Cost-Effective MasterLine, simple to install and an 8-minute Super Short cycle.

PFD 401 SpeedPlus – Takes both hot and cold water, Super Short cycle of 5 minutes.

PFD 402 SpeedAir – Innovative Miele Dry+ technology, Filter monitoring, Optional Internal Bottled Detergent dosing.

PFD 404 Hygiene – Thermo Hygiene cycles, M Touch Flex Controller, Steam Condenser.

PFD 405 HygieneAir – Fully Loaded Flagship with Auto Door Opening.

To celebrate the launch, Miele is running a £250 CashBack Promotion across the whole of the Masterline range. So, if you’re faced with a mountain of crockery and an armoury of cutlery every day, give us a call on 01902 625490 and find out how Miele MasterLine can lighten your load, load after load.

Oh, and if you’d like a bit more of an overview, here’s a short video!