Happy New Year! Wait, what?

It's April. APRIL! Where did the past 3 months go? It seems like just yesterday that we were wishing you all Happy Christmas and now we're a quarter of the way through the year. Anyway, down to business (sort of). This year we're welcoming some new 'recruits' to Multibrand in the form of Tom and Ethan who are both studying photography at Dudley Evolve College. They're going to be producing… Read more »

Home For Christmas?

For many of us, having a roof over our head and food in the fridge is a given. For too many, Christmas this year will be spent in a doorway or on a bench in the cold. Thankfully, there are still places where shelter can be found, and in Wolverhampton we're lucky to have 'just enough' accommodation to ensure that when temperatures reach critical levels, no-one has to spend a… Read more »

It’s mid-October already!

Hard to believe that we're already halfway through October and it will soon be Halloween, and the end of BST (or DST if you're in the US of A!) You probably started the month swilling lager from enormous steins to celebrate Oktoberfest, but the thoughts of those nice folks at Miele were on other matters; namely putting together not one, not two but three promotions, all running consecutively throughout October!… Read more »

Season of mists and Miele fruitfulness…

Ah, Autumn, most beautiful of seasons. As the year begins to wane and the days grow shorter, the trees put on a show as their leaves turn from green through a spectrum of red, yellow and orange hues. John Keats obviously thought so too as he waxed lyrical in his ode 'To Autumn' so I've borrowed his opening line to let you know about Miele's 2018 promotion. If you'd like… Read more »

If you came here via Google, wish us both Happy 20th Birthday!

Some things seem like they've been around forever. Things like the Google Search Engine. And yet, Google's domain name was only registered on September 15th 1998, a mere 20 years ago. And on exactly the same date, Multibrand was incorporated as a business, so we share the same 'birthday' as it were. Now, I'm not suggesting that our reach has gone quite as far as everyone's favourite method of interrogating… Read more »

Helo Cymru, rydym yn Multibrand

Miele, the German brand whose laundry appliances are legendary in the commercial sector, have been having a bit of a shuffle around within their dealer network. As one of only 26 Official Partners across the whole of the UK, at Multibrand we're delighted to have been recently awarded the SY postcode region to service on Miele's behalf. This beautiful stretch of coast, town and countryside really needs to be traveled… Read more »

Post-Brexit price hike for Commercial Laundry Equipment

With all of the best commercial laundry and dishwashing equipment originating outside of the UK, the slump in the value of Sterling has finally caught up with the market. Most manufacturers are increasing prices as of November but at Multibrand Professional, we're holding October's prices until the end of the month so there's still time to grab your new equipment and save some money into the bargain! If you'd like… Read more »

Tanks For Everything…

Thought Miele only produced amazing laundry equipment? Think again. The new range of Professional Tank dishwashers sets new standards in performance, speed and usability. Add large colour changing displays and models to suit every bar, bistro or commercial kitchen you could imagine to our introductory offers (including free baskets) and the combination is unbeatable. Want to know more or see these new machines in action? Just call Ian on 01902 625490… Read more »

Wet is the new Dry…

Once upon a time, delicate garments, suits and difficult-to-clean fabrics had only one option with regards to returning them to full freshness - a visit to the dry cleaners. But the times, they are a-changing. Rather than subject these materials to a nasty concoction of chemicals, wouldn't it be nice to be able to simply, errm, wash them? Well, now you can. Whether you're an hotel wanting to offer your… Read more »

Seasons Greetings!

With our very best wishes for the Festive Season to all our customers old and new. From Ian, Mark and all the team at Multibrand. Our offices are closed: 25th-28th December 2015 and Friday 1st January 2016 During these times please leave a message on our out of hours service or contact us via the website and we'll call you back as soon as we return. Read more »