Miele Professional – HM 16-83 Rotary Ironer


Rotary ironers from the HM 16 series are an efficient and space-saving proposition for ironing workwear and laundry from catering applications. Whether workwear, cleaning cloths, table linen or serviettes – all textiles are given that perfect finish with a minimum of effort. Users can achieve a perfect finish with the High-quality ARAMID needle felt cloth for fast heat transfer and uniform contact pressure specifically for commercial use. The HM 16-80 D model features a twin-tank steam function which speeds work up and ensures a fantastic result.

The Miele HM Rotary Ironers feature adjustable roller speed, adjustable temperature for all types of textiles. They operate from a 13A plug using electric heating for freedom of installation anywhere in your business. They can be installed against a wall to save space or the HM 16-80D model can even be folded away for storage elsewhere. Each model features a convenient footswitch operation. An automatic finger guard stops roller rotation and raises the heater plate for user safety. The feed board can be used for simple introduction of laundry items allowing the user time to align and smooth before the laundry passes through the machine and these models can be used whilst seated or standing.

For finishing they have a practical airing bar for crease-free cooling and airing of laundry and reinforced secure stands thanks to robust design and secure base.


Rotary ironer, electrically heated with professional features for the best ironing results.

  • Capacity 15 kg/h, roller width 160mm, roller diameter 830mm
  • High-quality roller padding with polyester needle felt and ARAMID needle felt cloth
  • Convenient controls with footswitch, adjustable temperature and roller speed
  • Extremely robust rotary ironer with two pedestals and roller bearings at both ends