Miele Professional – PTD 702 Universal Compact Tank Dishwasher


The new tank dishwashers from Miele Professional feature specific programmes for all load types and degrees of soiling. All key parameters (e.g. cycle duration, temperature and spray pressure) are carefully set ex works but can nevertheless be reconfigured by users.  This ensures delicate champagne flutes are cleaned just as reliably and gently as plates with dried-on food residue.  They are operated in a similar way to a smartphone, making them exceptionally simple to use. On a day-to-day basis, they are convenient to use as they are operated with just one button.  The display is even easy to operate when wearing gloves.

Whatever the situation on site: The Miele tank dishwashers are geared to the best possible dispensing method.  This range with its various models comprises versions with integrated dispenser pumps and siphons for external canisters to models with integrated tanks and dispenser pumps – ideal for kitchens without the space for storing canisters


Tank dishwasher compact size – the 60 cm bistro dishwasher.

  • Max. cleaning performance: 3,207 glasses/h or 882 plates/h
  • Simple and flexible operation – full-touch display usable with gloves
  • Economical and efficient – water consumption of only 2.00L per cycle thanks to the newly designed spray arm
  • Always the right programme – item-specific solutions
  • Perfect for integration in under-counter installations
  • Supplied with either U502 or U508 basket
  • Complies with DIN 10512 Hygiene standards in Catering