Miele Professional – PW 413 Performance Washing Machine


With the PERFORMANCE range, Miele Professional has redefined the benchmark in the 13 –18 kg load size category.  These machines achieve excellent wash results whilst offering short cycles, and great energy efficiency. Machines from the PERFORMANCE range are the ideal choice for users expecting top-class performance and efficiency.  Profitronic D controls provide programmes catering for the entire spectrum of laundry care requirements. A text display and 6 direct-access buttons facilitate ease of use and fast programme selection. The most frequently used programmes are assigned to buttons 1–6 and are accessible at the touch of a single button.  Further programmes are accessed by pressing and holding button 6. Important parameters such as temperature and spin speed can be selected manually before the start of each programme.  Similarly, current load sizes can be entered to reduce water, energy and detergent consumption accordingly.


All Miele Professional washing machines are tested to last 30,000 operating hours.  Made from high quality materials, a sophisticated suspension system and sturdy drum bearings ensure excellent durability and longevity as well as extremely smooth running. Miele laundry machines are subjected to intensive quality tests to guarantee their reliability. In addition to the tests
specified here, the entire suspended drum assembly, the shock absorbers and the drive unit (motor, pulley wheel and belt) are subjected to further rigorous tests.

Whats more they are lower maintenance than other brands with the new bearing assembly in the Benchmark machines are protected from the water in the suds container by pre-greased seals and housed in a separate cast iron assembly, which means no greasing is required.  Due to this innovative design the process for exchanging the bearings is also much simpler. Removal of the cast housing is carried out from the rear of the machine, without the removal of the drum assembly which is a great advantage over their top class previous range.


Washing machine, electrically heated with powder detergent dispenser.

  • Drum volume 130 l, maximum load capacity 14.0 kg
  • Low water and energy consumption due to new suds container
  • Miele patented honeycomb drum 2.0
  • Easy to use thanks to automatic door lock
  • Smooth running thanks to efficient spring-in-spring system
  • Profitronic D control
  • WRAS Category 5