Miele Professional – PWM 506 Mopstar 60 Performance Washing Machine

Minimum space, MAXIMUM power. 

For the last 40 years, over a million Little Giants have helped hotels, care homes and a wide range of businesses to provide crucial services to their customers. The new generation of Little Giants combines advanced technology with German engineering for even better cleaning and hygiene performance while maintaining economic operation and a small footprint.

Whether care home, hotel, restaurant or hairdressing salon – anyone having to rely on a supply of uncompromisingly clean and hygienic laundry requires a powerful systematic approach producing perfect results fast.  The latest generation of Miele’s proven Little Giants excels in rising to the challenges of a variety of commercial applications by delivering first-class wash performance, top-notch efficiency and high-level user convenience. And, thanks to their wide-ranging connectivity options, these machines meet tomorrow’s digital demands today.

Increased performance, reduced costs and top-class quality and efficiency.  

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Available 2021

Miele Professional washing machine from their ‘best in class’ Little Giant range.  Electrically heated, with dump valve drainage especially for the requirements of Contract Cleaners and Facility Management companies. 

  • Drum volume of 6kg
  • Up to 30 cotton mops / 49 micro-fibre mops / 200 micro-clean cloths per cycle
  • Tested for intensive use – unique Miele quality up to 30,000 cycle
  • Thorough cleaning – special programs for mops and cloths
  • Best possible dirt removal – using Miele’s patented pre-spin at the beginning of the cycle
  • Additional standard programmes, e.g. for washing curtains and workwear