Miele Professional – PT 8803 Vented Tumble Dryer

With the PT 8000 range of tumble dryers, Miele Professional is making another significant contribution to gentle, economical laundry care.  With load capacities of 10 to 40 kg, the new  tumble dryers complete Miele’s latest team of appliances for washing, drying and ironing.  They offer the customer powerful machines that both maximise efficiency and guarantee gentle laundry care, whether they are used in laundries in Restaurants, busy installations in Hospitals, Care Homes or banks of machines in Commercial Launderettes.  DryPlus is the group name that Miele gives to its array of innovative features, responsible use of resources, ergonomic operation and the reliability of a strong brand.

The PT 8000 range offers the customer powerful heating elements and high air throughput for fast drying times.  They boast generous drum volumes vs other brands for large loads while maintaining a sustainable, and cost effective performance.  They are heated by means of the most efficient forms of energy: electricity, gas, or steam options are available to suit every need.

Other key features include; warm air recycling, sturdy build using high-quality recyclable materials for maximum sustainability, intelligent controls for simple and quick programme  selection, and crucially, residual moisture sensor drying with Miele’s PerfectDry system


Vented dryer, gas or electrically heated with residual moisture controls for perfect drying results.

  • Drum volume 800 l, load capacity 32,0-40,0 kg
  • Miele honeycomb drum
  • Greatest energy efficiency thanks to Air Recycling
  • Simple operation – easy to clean large fluff filter
  • Profitronic B Plus controller