Miele Professional – PW 5105 Washing Machine


Built and tested to an exceptionally high standard, the PW5105 from Miele Professional utilizes a large drum size to deliver deep and efficient cleans for even large loads.

With a large 10kg drum capacity, the PW5105 can clean even large loads of laundry, and when paired with an equivalent Miele tumble dryer, can wash and dry a full load in just 80 minutes. What’s more, the integrated Miele patented honeycomb drum helps to protect laundry and prevent fibre damag; perfect for fabrics needing a gentle clean to a high standard.

Designed, built, and tested to last the equivalent of 30,000 wash cycles, the PW5105 uses optimised drum rhythms to help saturate the laundry quickly, so that wash times and consumption levels are kept low. To give you complete control over the cycle, this efficient appliance integrates Profitronic L Vario controls, with 72 standard and special-purpose programmes.


Washing machine, electrically heated with suspended drum unit, very short cycle time of 53 minutes and drain pump.

  • Drum volume 100 l, load capacity 10.0 kg
  • Miele honeycomb drum
  • Low water and energy consumption
  • Residual moisture 50%, g factor 370
  • Profitronic L Vario control
  • Available as 1ph or 3ph
  • Available as Drain Pump or Dump Valve (Sluice)