Miele Professional – PW 6055 Washing Machine – DISCONTINUED MODEL

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Built and tested to commercial specifications, the compact PW6055 from Miele Professional is perfect for small scale laundries. Thanks to its small footprint and ability to stack together with the tumble driers in the range, such as the PT7136, makes this machine, part of the Little Giant range ideal for businesses needing a compact laundry solution.

When paired with a tumble dryer from the Little Giant range, the PW6055 can wash and dry a complete load in just 90 minutes, and with a capacity of 5.5kg, allows you to clean even large loads quickly. Not just quick, this industrial cleaner integrates Miele’s patented honeycomb drum, which helps to protect laundry from fibre damage.

The PW6055 also features a number of inbuilt programs; 12 standard programs and 9 individually programmable special options. What’s more, it also includes Profitronic L Vario control with 3 user interfaces, which ensures flexible usage as well as the ability to delay the cycle for up to 24 hours.

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