Miele Professional – PW 6207 Washing Machine – DISCONTINUED MODEL


Combining a substantial drum capacity, simple to use controls, and easy to clean stainless steel design, makes the WashPlus PW6207 an ideal washing machine for businesses with a high turnover of laundry.

Thanks to its spacious 20kg drum capacity, the PW6207 can handle sizeable loads, and even those awkward items not washable in smaller machines. As with all Miele washing machines, the PW6207 uses our patented honeycomb drum, which helps to protect laundry from fibre damage. Additionally, this washer uses a large drum door that makes it quick and easy to load and unload washing.

Integrating Profitronic M controls, the PW6207 gives you complete control over your wash process thanks to both a number of pre-defined programs, as well as space for 199 custom program slots. What’s more, the machine’s controls are simple to use and the display will let you know exactly how long the wash cycle has got left.

Made from material that is both high quality and highly sustainable, the PW6207 is as economical as it is effective.

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