With one of the largest drum capacities in the range, the PW6241 washing machine is the perfect solution for large launderettes or businesses with a high turnover of laundry. Delivering exceptional results with each wash, this industrial washer can process even large loads quickly and efficiently.

Integrating a substantial 24kg drum capacity, the PW6241 can handle even large awkward items not suitable for domestic washing machines, and thanks to Miele’s patented honeycomb drum design, items are protected from fibre damage.

Another feature of the PW6241 is the Profitronic M controls, included as standard with all WashPlus machines in the range. These controls give you up to 199 custom programmable slots, so you can dictate how items are cleaned down to the finest detail. Also included are a number of pre-defined programs. With ease in mind, all Profitronic M controls are simple to use and the display on the appliance tells you exactly how long the cycle has left.

Made with the environment in mind, the PW624, like many washing machines in the range, is made from 90% recyclable materials, making it both high-quality and highly sustainable.

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